Great Misc. Articles


A special thank you to Richard Brown aka Mystic Dik for these.


Mind Experiments ( MX).

These are designed to free you

From programming you may never have examined,

And which create your present world-view.

All you have to lose is your fear.

All you have to gain is your Self.

MX - 1

World Without Words

Imagine that words had never been invented,

Catch your tongue in your mouth.

Use your eyes.


Words cannot come into your head.

Those that others speak are meaningless

And are whisked away before they reach your ears.

At some point, you will remember

Having read the above description,

And although you will not remember the words,

The state they describe will come over you:

Your mind will for a moment give up

Its attachment to words.

You will look around you and see in a new way.

Your mind will look at issues and see deeply into them -

Without words.

In this state remember to look at important issues.

Whenever you are confused by a situation,

Go into this "world without words" state

And let the situation sink in.

MX - 2

What Do You Believe?

List your beliefs on one or several sheets of paper,

Using only the left-hand side of the page.

Use question marks next to any beliefs

You're not sure you fully believe.

If you're not sure where to start,

You might start with beliefs about God,

Afterlife, the purpose of Life,

What is good, what is bad.

MX - 3

Scientific Method Applied to Your Life

Put your self on the Witness Stand.

Now also be the Prosecutor cross-examining the Witness.

The Witness is about to defend his/her beliefs,

Listed previously, with evidence.

This means that the Witness looks back at his/her Life

To find incidents which prove

That these beliefs are correct,

That they describe reality objectively.

You can start with the beliefs you listed first

And work down the page,

Or put rank order priority numbers next to the beliefs

And then take them in priority order.

"Evidence" means evidence that realistically

Could be made to stand up in a court of law.

This game can be played in odd moments

Over the course of a week or more.

MX - 4

Where Did My Beliefs Come From?

Why Do or Did I Believe That?

Go through your list of beliefs and remember

Where each belief came from.

Take it slowly, one at a time.

MX - 5

No Longer Needing To Have Beliefs

In this stage one faces the situation

Of no longer really having any beliefs,

Yet realizes that this is true

Freedom to learn.

Often accompanied by brief ecstasy.

MX - 6

Watching Your Thoughts

To do this exercise,

Simply pick a period of time,

And in that time watch your thoughts,

Remembering to realize that each thought

May be right or it may be wrong.

This is one of the most universal forms of meditation.

The way it usually goes,

You keep getting sucked into identifying

With some thought or another,

And forget to doubt it -

Then catch your self,

And back out of auto-agreement with the thought.

Over time, you begin to see how

Your idea-generation process,

Your conviction-decision process,

And your other mental processes work.

Then you will have control over these processes

Rather than being controlled by them.

MX- 7

Being Offended

This is a game played during Life action.

It's played whenever anybody says anything

That upsets you.

What you do is pretend that you are they

And that you realize that you have offended.

Then you restate the offending words

So that they are not offensive.

You might then ask the person

If the inoffensive statement of his/her words

Was what he/she meant.


"You're not going to wear that plaid blouse are you?"

"You mean, you like some other blouse better?"

The point is that specific words trigger emotions

Based on past associations;

But you can change the words to clear out the emotions.

Later you can clear out the past associations

And then no words can manipulate your emotions.

MX- 8

Unselfish Actions Pay Back Better

In this game, you look into your past to find

The most unselfish actions you took,

And evaluate the results

Which came from those actions.

You can also do the same for the most selfish actions.

Which paid back better?

MX - 9

Which Advisors Are Conflicting?

This is one you do when you find your self internally divided as to which way to go in a situation.

You ask your self, "In this situation…":

What do my thoughts say I should do?

What do my feelings want to do?

What does my body want to do?

What does my intuition say to do?

What would my father want me to do?

What would my mother want me to do?

What did the books I read say to do?

What does Society say to do?

What does the person I respect the most do?

What would God's preference be?

Then you note which of these advisors

Are conflicting with which.

This pattern of conflict

May be a habitual one in your head,

Or may just apply to one type of situation.

MX 10

Entraining A Daily Cycle of Assimilation

And New Provisional Action Decisions

At the end of each day you relive it before sleep,

Identifying which moments do not fully please you

Or about which you have some vague lingering concern.

You allow your self time to contemplate

And learn from these moments

By taking the role of your own Coach

And coaching your self

As to how to play such a moment better in the future.

When you know how to flow through that situation

So that it will be no problem next time,

Namely, when you have made certain

Provisional Action Decisions as to what to try next time,

There is a feeling of peace.

If your Provisional Action Decisions

Do not work out next time,

You revise them,

And keep up this process

Until every aspect of your Life works smoothly.

Then you get bored and get into wider experiences,

Which produce displeasing moments

For which you need to develop new

Provisional Action Decisions,

Namely, new theatre, to flow through smoothly.

And a new cycle begins.

MX 11

Jumping to Conclusions

For one entire day, concentrate on


MX 12

Emergency Oversimplification Procedure

Am I In Emergency Oversimplification Procedure?

For one entire day,

Keep checking to make sure you're not in EOP

And if you are, get your self out of it.

Signs of EOP:

Black/white thinking,

All force goes to precedent,

Things you see are auto-categorized,

Negative or no feeling,


Engaging in activities to get them out of the way…

How to get out:


Let your body relax

Wherever it is holding tension…

Regain your sense of humor…

Change the scene for a moment…

Use your body (walk, go to the bathroom, etc)…

Remember your long-range objectives

And how they translate to immediate goals

In the NOW.

Remember your agreements.

But most of all find out

What YOU want to do NOW.

Then balance that with the agreements.

Let your self enjoy a long, slow

New creative approach to all situations.

There's no hurry.

There's just the Eternal Now.

How you relate to it

At this moment is all.

Start your Life NOW.

MX 13

What Are My Attachments?

List the things, events and conditions

Which must be maintained or brought about in your Life

In order for you to be happy.

Namely, cigarettes, a particular job,

A particular lover, booze,

A certain amount of money, physical security,

Having people think of you a certain way,

Etc., etc., etc.,

Eventually the items on these lists

Will be immaterial to you.

You'll want to keep the lists

And keep looking at them from time to time

Until that point.

MX 14

What Bit of My Past Are Holding Me Back?

Make a list of the moments in your Life

Which still trouble you when you remember them.

You might not get all of these listed at once,

Since some memories that are particularly troubling

May be being actively repressed by your subconscious.

But you can keep adding to the list

As you remember more of these experiences.

MX 15

Achieving Clarity on Just One Situation

Take any of the unresolved experiences

On the list developed in MX 14,

Set aside uninterruptable and open-ended time,

And relive the experience in complete detail

From beginning to end,

One or more times,

Like a detective looking for clues.

What you are looking for is the truth

Of what bothers you about this situation.

The truth of why it bothers you

May not be the reason you think it bothers you.

A part of you will tend

To want to avoid these memories,

Fearing that they can only cause more hurt.

In fact, each of these memories is an energy watershed

You can turn to great advantage in your Life,

Simply by understanding your own emotional charge

With each situation.

This is why the mind tags these memories

With alarm-charges:

So that eventually you'll pick up the phone.

After you get the knack of it,

You'll just naturally clear out

All of the items on the list you made in MX 14:

Mostly spontaneously,

At moments when you don't expect it.

If you'd like to speed up the process,

Just set aside time

And relive the experiences in priority order.

MX 16

Adaptive or Programmed?

For one day, keep track of your self

From moment to moment,

Watching to see whether you are behaving

In a more programmed fashion

Or in a more adaptive fashion at that moment.

Note the kinds of situations

Through which you flow adaptively,

Creatively, spontaneously;

And those through which you move in fixed

Mechanical ruts.

MX 17

Massage To Remove Tension

Removing tension from the body

Yields more energy for use by the mind.

Thus massage can help induce meditative states.

MX 18



Whenever it turns out that you didn't notice something you might have noticed, tell your senses "what to always check for" such that you would have noticed the thing you just missed.

For example, let's say you realize that you don't know whether a particular man you just met has a moustache or not.

So you tell your senses "Always check for whether or not they have a moustache."

Note patterns in the things you haven't been noticing and now notice.

Which dimensions are and aren't you observant in?

MX 19



As if your body were under someone else's control, and you were trying to figure that person out.

Built into each human being before birth is an information-processing program whose apparent purpose is to make us need to understand our external and internal experiences.

It works as follows: certain experiences or perceptions or percepts, trigger a feeling of dissonance in the mind; you pay closer attention to and think about these until you have a feeling of having absorbed their information, at which point the feeling of dissonance goes away and we say that you have achieved closure.

Hasty closure can be defined as those instances in which it would have been useful to you to think further before closure.

This phenomena can be demonstrated to oneself by moving the objects in one's room: such objects and any other things out of place in one's room are what the eyes automatically go to.

This demonstrates that the senses have a model of the usual situation, and are checking for divergences. This is an important "energy-saving bio-computer system" built into us.

However energy-saving it can be under natural circumstances, as a result of information overload, this system tends to screen out the value element from our sensory experience, i.e. we hardly see anything around us: just enough from a strictly practical standpoint, but not enough to satisfy aesthetic criteria as well.

MX 20


When seeing a face (especially if you've never looked closely at it before) casually glance away and look at your image of that face in your mind.

Then if appropriate, casually look at the actual face again (for a few moments so the image clears; inappropriate if tension-producing).

Compare the first impression with the full impression.

The distortions you put into the first impression have meaning.

Were you putting the person in a category?

MX 21


Whenever you are with other people and find your self being uncomfortable, check if you want to be doing the things you are doing, or if you are just doing things expected of you.

Then work out a better compromise.

MX 22


"Haste makes waste".

Under presumed time pressure, humans tend to hurry, i.e. try to skip unskippable steps.

This slows down progress until the mistake is realized

and missed step accomplished, etc.

See what happens if you just slow down each important decision a little bit, especially when you feel tension around it.

MX 23



What things that you might go back and look at, did your parents and other influencers feel strongly about, pro or con? That you have seen before, perhaps through their eyes?

Go back and look with fresh eyes.

MX 24


Sometimes you get excited and challenged by a lot of new questions in your mind; at other times you get brought down by a whole lot of new things to think about. The difference is how much time you feel you have.

But it is a provable certainty that you make better decisions when you confront new questions with interest and patience, and poorer decisions when you try to avoid new questions that arise in your mind.

Each time a whole lot of new questions come up, watch your reaction.

MX 25


Pick a day. On that day, from the moment you awaken, simply stay alert all day to watching your own actions down to the smallest gesture.

When you seem to be observing an action pattern of apparent significance to some part of your mind, ask your self: "Why did I do that?" (Or "Why am I doing this?")

MX 26


What were your mother and father "addicted" to

(attached to getting or avoiding)?

How about your peers at school, and others known to have influenced you; to what were they "addicted"?

To what extent do you now automatically mirror any/all of these addictions?

MX 27


From whom do you "need" approval?


Clues: What do you work hardest at?

Who would approve of you the most for working so hard at that?

MX 28


Absolute Will Power means that when you make a vow

you know you will keep it.

The thing that stands between most of us and Absolute Will Power is the knowledge that we have developed the bad habit of breaking vows, and don't know how to break the habit.

In other words, we don't believe ourselves when we make a vow,

and so then we don't really feel bound to keep it.

The way to break the habit;

start making vows to your self that you know you will keep,

and then allow time to go by in which you always keep these vows.


The next time you catch your self in an "unwanted manifestation"

that you know you can give up, vow (decide) to give it up.

Make as many of these as you like,

but don't try to give up something you're not certain you can give up,

until your body has observed you keeping the "easy" vows

in three-dimensional reality.

Once your "lower" (cybernetically less sophisticated) parts

have observed you keeping your "easy" vows,

it will become much easier for you to make and keep "not-so-easy" vows, and eventually "hard" ones as well.

MX 29

Identify Your Senators

Pick a day, and on that day, listen to the conversations in your head,

and see if you can pick out the separate voices.

"You're not good enough." "You're getting ripped off."

"You will never…" "You're wrong."Who are they?

MX 30

De-Energizing Parental Parasite Circuits

Make a list of your father's and your mother's priorities.

Then side-by-side, list your own.

By comparing yours to theirs, detect which of your priorities aren't really your priorities but do influence your actions just as if they were, because of hypnotic conditioning of your bio-computer by long association with their conditioned bio-computers at a time when you were maximally impressionable/imprintable.

MX 31

De-Energizing Parental Dynamic Parasite Circuits

How did your parents play together?

What were some of their acts - make a list.

Then for each act,

See occasions you have played out each one's roles,

In your own life.


De-Energizing Parental Dynamic-Compensating

Parasite Circuits

You may not yet know this,

But you can "return in time"

And re-experience any memory quite vividly,

Just by putting the time and energy into it.

Do this - return to the first time

You saw your parents perform the first act

On you list from MX 31.

Then do it for each other act on the list -

Go back to the first time they played that one

In front of you.

To the extent that your rational mind believes

That this built-in memory ability is impossible for you,

The process will be delayed,

But the subconscious process will still work on it,

Will flash you hints from time to time,

And eventually you'll suddenly re-experience

A key moment: from then on it will be easy -

You will systematically re-experience

Each unassimilated moment in your memory

And clear it.

When you are re-experiencing,

Check how you were feeling,

And what you did about it -

Then contemplate how this has affected

The rest of your life

By lulling you into fixed coping styles.

MX 33

Springboarding From Mistakes

Rather Than Patching Them Over

Real learning cannot take place

While the ego is in command of the vehicle,

Because the ego is attached to seeing itself

As "right already"

And thus cannot admit to mistakes

And thus cannot learn from them.

The ego eschews the humiliation-evolution opportunity

In order to preserve its illusions.

Pick a day, and for that day concentrate on being

Honest and creative

Not consistent and resistant to change.

The more of your own mistakes you find that day,

And the more creatively you react to them,

The better.

MX 34

How Do You See Yourself Now?

For each of the statements below, please mark whether you would agree or disagree with it as a description of you. Please answer frankly, as you think you really are. There are no right or wrong answers. If you are not sure about any description, just mark "not sure" and go to the next one.

Feel free to add your own adjectives to the list and check them appropriately.

                                                                                               Agree Agree Not Disagree Disagree

                                                                                                 a lot   a little sure   a little       alot

AFFECTIONATE, passionate, loving romantic           [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

AMICABLE, amiable, affable, benevolent                     [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

AWKWARD, absent-minded, forgetful careless            [ ]  [ ] [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

BRAVE, courageous, daring, adventuresome                   [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

BROADMINDED, open-minded, liberal, tolerant       [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

CREATIVE, inventive, imaginative, artistic                   [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

DOMINATING, authoritarian, demanding, aggressive [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

EFFICIENT, organized, diligent, thorough                     [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

EGOCENTRIC, vain, self-centered, narcissistic         [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

FRANK, straightforward, outspoken, candid                     [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

FUNNY, humorous, amusing, witty                                      [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

INTELLIGENT, smart, bright, well-informed                [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

KIND, good-hearted, warm-hearted, sincere                      [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

REFINED, gracious, sophisticated, dignified                   [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

RESERVED, conservative, quiet, conventional             [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

SELF ASSURED, confident, self-sufficient, secure  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

SOCIABLE, friendly, cheerful, likeable                          [ ]  [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

STUBBORN, hardheaded, headstrong, obstinate          [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

TENSE, nervous, high-strung, excitable                            [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]  [ ]

TRUSTWORTHY, competent, reliable, responsible   [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


MX 35

Give "Self" Direction It Needs

Now please add arrows to your responses

On the questionnaire in MX 34,

Indicating how you would prefer to answer,

"No arrows" means you like your current responses

And would like them to stay the same.

Use of arrows tells your robot which way to go

At option points.

Check back months or years later

To verify to your delight

That the robot complied!

You may also add new adjectives to the list,

And arrow them appropriately.


MX 36

Unconstrained Self Expression


When it will not introduce risk of loss of value to the universe,

Begin to relax the programs, which constrain the way you speak,

So as to ensure easy understandability.

E.g. when responding to family on minor matters,

See what comes out if you just open your mouth,

Or mime and answer or gesture or point…

Rather than speaking at all.

Since the environment is low risk, the play element may be allowed to operate freely, without concern for "meeting standards", etc.

MX 37

De-Narrowing Unique/Shameful Child-Things


Because they weren't understood,

Many of the unique things you said or did as a child

Were probably humiliatingly distorted and scoffed at.

This drove the most unique parts of you underground

In your own psyche,

Tagged with the mark of shame.

In effect, to hold onto your parents, peers, and so on,

(Something you felt you needed desperately at the time)

You mimicked them and stopped doing things

They and everyone else didn't do.

Thus you were tricked into throwing away

Your own unique experiment - temporarily.

Relive the moments in which something

YOU did or said was devalued.

Did they lead to your giving up the use/manifestation

Of a part of your self?

Visualize, bringing back that part of you into your Life.

Then energize or not as you like.

MX 38

"Without Comparing" Exercise


When you have nothing to do,

Pick an object in your environment and look at it.

There is a vacuum behind your eyes;

Any memory or association triggered by what you see,

Gets sucked away into this vacuum

As quickly as it arises.

Now you can see just what is in front of you

As if for the first time

Excellent for art galleries and museums too.

MX 39

Dullness Exercise


The next time you're feeling bored,

Stay with it in order to understand the state

As fully as you can.

Don't ask questions so much as just

Look at what is there.

MX 40

I Spy


Keep a writing implement and paper with you

So that when you are waiting for something

You can practice sketching of faces and objects

As if for a military report.

MX 41

How To Turn For Good?


Whenever you find yourself thinking of something as bad,

Visualize a scenario in which you turn that item

Into something good.

The initial scenario might be complete science fiction;

i.e. it need not be realistic.

The initial scenario will provide the womb

For a realistic subsequent scenario.

When you get to a totally believable and attractive scenario,

Consider materializing it.


Subtleness Exercise


Learn to detect the information in blandness.

Be conscious of the taste of water.

Let yourself see the grain in objects.

Stop ignoring shadows and reflections.

Always go one step deeper

Than anyone would expect you to.

MX 43

Agony Enjoyment


The next time you hurt,

Put aside all other distractions

And concentrate on observing the hurt itself

As scientifically and objectively as possible -

Just feel it so as to be able to report

What is actually there?

What does it feel like?

What is the feeling itself?

When you get inside the hurt

And it no longer matters quite so much,

Put yourself into your future perspective,

Looking back on the hurt after it is just a memory,

And pre-experience the relief you will feel then

Whenever you remember the hurt and no longer feel it.

When you no longer care about the hurt at all,

Go back into purposely feeling it as a pleasure-pain

A little bit

(If you go too far in this stage…

…you'll waste considerable time with consequences).

When you become bored with this stage,

Let the pain go,

And go back to Life.

MX 44

What Did I Ever Want To Know?


What questions have you ever asked in your Life?

Can you answer them now?

MX 45

De-Charging Approval Circuits


Remember all the people whose approval

Was ever important to you.

Relive the moments of their greatest approval

When they hooked you

And of their most traumatic disapproval.

Keep reliving these until they are utterly boring.

MX 46

Taking Goodness And Badness Out Of Objects


Nest time you find yourself confronting an object

You say is either very good or very bad,

Still the voices in your head

And sense the object directly,

Without the "good" or "bad" haze on it.

What do you find out about it

That you did not know before?

MX 47

Identifying With The Universe

For one day,

Stay conscious of what's going on inside your robot,

Outside your robot,

And out of sight of your robot -

As all being you.

MX 48

Ignoring Irrelevancies On The Intercom

Pretend you are a bomber pilot in World War II

And your robot is the bomber.

The other voices in your head

That aren't the real you,

Voices you've picked up from others,

Are the crewmembers who often chatter on the intercom.

Your mission: don't get sucked into responding

To their foolish chatter -

Or the whole crew will play you for a patsy.

When something is said on the intercom:

a) Don't assume you are saying it.

b) If it is relevant and answerable, respond

(not necessarily in words).

c) If it "rates you", is irrelevant,

nonconstructive, or not directly answerable,

smile in your mind at it, with minimum effort.

This means: "If you want a decision,

Give me options; otherwise, shut up."

Don't let the crew take over.

They are demonically tricky,

So you must achieve your subtlest attitude

In dealing with them.

Especially ignore their rating games

And persevere steadfastly.

Do not sink to their level of ignobilty.

MX 49

Riding In The Robot

For one day remember to see your self constantly

As riding in your robot and not being it.

Note the times when the robot

Does just what you want it to,

When it falls short,

When it exceeds your orders.


MX 50

Report To Your Self In The Bathroom

Whenever you enter a bathroom,

Report to your self your best current estimate

Of what you want out of Life.

Keep this up until the estimate stops changing

From day to day.

MX 51

Meditation On Your Self

If you had not had the experiences you have had,

Are there any aspects of your inner self

That you feel would be the way they are anyway?

Which aspects are these that would be the same

Regardless of outer experiences?

MX 52

Iceberg Meditation

Meditate on your wants.

What is your iceberg of wants?

What is visible over the waves?

What is at the big bottom?

MX 53

Finding Your Essence

At birth the self you were is the self you truly are.

You have layered over that self

A protective coating of ritual programs

Which at the time seemed to allay the need

To profoundly come to terms with that part of the world

Not directly under control of your will.

Now when you inquire inside

As to what you are really aimed at accomplishing,

Parts of you pretend to want certain things

Because they are parroting long-ago instructions:

Thus they are not really YOU,

But tapes of other people which you are acting out

By an insidious (because generally unrealized) form

Of post-hypnotic suggestion.

To strip away these counterproductive

Energy-wasting circuits,

Apply this acid test:

Interrogate your self mercilessly

As to what you want out of Life…

And for each answer, assert:

"That's not me! I don't really care about that!"

Only when this assertion rings false

After repeated attempts to break down the want,

Can you provisionally assume that THAT want

Might be part of Your Own True Essence.*

Time will tell for sure.

*The you that was born or the real you

that existed at birth.

MX 54

Automatic Writing Exercise

On one sheet of paper, put everything you want -

Write it larger and put it in the center

If more important,

Smaller and further from the center if less important.

MX 55

Projective Game: Alternate Probable Lives

For each item on your list of wants

From the previous experiment

Imagine how you would go about your Life

In order to satisfy this one want:

What kinds of scenes you would play,

Dynamics you'd get into with others,

Where it would all lead…

Follow each scenario through to the moment of death.

MX 56

I Can Do Without That

In a light colored pen,

Go over your list/map of wants

And cross off items you can honestly see your self

Not getting in this Life and still being happy.

Visualize your self being able one day

To cross them ALL out:

Visualize how you would be then,

In order to do such a thing.

MX 57

Question Your Self Deeply

To Reach Certainty About Oneself

When you give your self your bathroom report,

Cross-examine the reporter

To find out the absolute underlying Truth

Insofar as this is possible.

MX 58

Acting In Accord With Goals

When you set to sleep for the night,

Cast one final glance back over the day,

Asking your self if everything you did all day

Was optimum from the standpoint

Of bringing you what you want out of Life,

According to the latest bathroom reports.

Play the role of a management consultant

Your self has employed to see to it that the staff

Stays focused on the real management priorities.

Whenever the robot has veered into irrelevancies,

Do not chide it,

But give it goof-proof instructions,

Which if followed, would have prevented

The veering which did occur.

Then go to sleep.

If sleep supervenes before matters are cleared up,

Continue during morning toilette.

MX 59

Mirror/Ceiling Perspectives

Whenever you are bored,

Look in the nonexistent mirror

And see what you learn.

Then look down from the ceiling

And see what this reveals.

Also go to the ceiling

Whenever a situation is momentarily

Disturbing to you.

Then you will reenter

Able to play the scene more calmly.

MX 60

"For The First Time" Perspective

Cultivate the ability to pretend amnesia

So well that you fool your eyes.

This requires concentrating on two things at once:

a) What you're looking at;

b) Not letting your file of memories

into your consciousness.

This is achieved by "pretending amnesia

And really getting into the role";

Simultaneously a kind of resistance

To seeing what is in your mind.

You will know you have achieved it

When you realize you are seeing a new aspect

Of a very familiar object.

MX 61

Toy With Alternate Explanations For Events

Did anything happen recently involving your self

And other people,

That you didn't understand?

Allow your imagination free reign

To propose the most unbelievable such explanations

Which seem, to be the simplest

And most direct ways

Of describing what happens.

MX 62

NOIA* Experiment

For one day,

Concentrate on the possibility

That the Universe might be trying to help you,

And you might be interfering by misperceiving

The intended help as a threat, etc.

*NOIA = Greek for mind

NOIA = coined antonym of paranoia:

The perception of events wholistically

In light of their possible intended advantage.

MX 63

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Pick a day to be dauntless.

Take every cruel blow fate hands out

And judo it into something useful.

See if you can bat a thousand for that day.

Then keep it up forever.

MX 64

Multiple Inner Jobstreams Meditation

Keep track of the several subjects

Your mind keeps coming back to.

Note how many different conversations

Are going on at once.

Note which parts of you (which "senators")

Are involved in each conversation.

Stay on top of all conversations,

Watch the visuals and feel the feelings,

As different language levels of the same process.

Keep track of all of it at once.

You don't have to do anything,

Just be aware of everything going on in there.


Give Consciousness Time

To Calculate Through to Optimum

Whenever anyone asks you something,

Take as long as necessary

To give the responses you want to give,

Regardless of the habitual social pressure

To respond quickly.

Let your mind reach certainty before you speak;

Or say, "I'll get back to you on that."

To get the time you need to reach cetainty.

MX 66

Playing It Close To Vest Actortude

An actortude is an attitude you adopt experimentally

For a period of time

To see the results in action.

For a day, adopt the actortude

Of keeping energy inside your self,

Speaking as little and as slowly as possible:

Whenever someone asks for something,

See how long you can put off reacting externally.

Place maximum emphasis on presenting a pokerface

Giving as little information as possible to the world

While observing and assimilating the meaning

Of what goes on around you

Deeply, objectively, and unhurriedly as possible.

Project and feel drenched in infinite patience:

It will all take as long as it takes anyway.

This actortude will seem to slow down

Short term processes

But will actually speed up longterm processes

Through snag-removal.

Let the consciousness calculate the optimum solution

Before responding:

Don't let the world rattle-rush you.

MX 67

Slow Motion

Whenever you feel like it,

Relax into slow motion.

Let your self slow down as far as it likes.

Take thoughts and actions one at a time.

Lovingly polish each moment.

Pleasure varies inversely with speediness;

Enjoy each second

As if it were your last on Earth,

But you're going someplace better next.

MX 68

Time And Motion Study

Reflect on how you use your time in the current phase

Of your Life -

Where do the hours go?

How were they used and what did they accomplish?

How would you like to see it change?

MX 69

Much More Severe Edit

For one day, adopt the actortude

Of tightening up the quality control

On your statements and actions,

i.e., Repress all impulses except those that seem

Of exceptionally high potential quality.

See how this works

As compared to standard operating procedures.

When you start to repress a particular impulse

And this feels wrong,

Let the impulse out

In the highest way possible

At the moment.

Hard edit improves manifestation:

Only the best stuff is allowed to show.

Also gives more weight to your words

When you do let them out.

MX 70

Earliest Source

Set aside an uninterruptable hour for this meditation.

In it put your feelings into words,

And keep revising the words over and over again

Until you are 100% certain

That the words express your feelings exactly.

How do you feel now about your self?

How your Life is going?

Your friends and dear ones?

The world?


Watch how the worder (verbalizer) operates.

Note how it seems to often come up

With an approximation of a phrase or word

The feelings are trying to edge up out of memory;

Then it subsequently gets the exact phrase

Or word intended.

MX 71

Who Is That?

Another uninterruptable hour meditation.

In this one, you pretend that every word

You ever think or say

Is an imitation/extrapolation

Of some real or fictional person

You unconsciously or consciously model yourself after.

Thus, you watch your thoughts, and for each one,

You ask "Who is that?"

i.e., Which of your models is talking?

See a face.

The tone of voice may be the giveaway.

Patience works.

MX 72

Phoenix Thought Process

Another uninterruptable hour meditation.

Here you begin with the thoughts,

And respond to them with questions

Probing their position.

Then you drop the role of questioner

And answer the questions,

Perhaps throwing back counter-questions,

From any new vantage-point you feel like.

Thus the mind keeps refining its own product

By critical questioning.

In this way each new thought rises

From the ashes of the last,

A'la the legendary Phoenix Bird:

Thought is used to burn up thought.

The mind can make unusual progress in this mode.

MX 73

Become Your Own Kibitzer*

Step back out of the role of being in your own body;

Look at it from above/behind.

Visualizing this constantly,

Actually seeing it,

Ask your detached self:

What cards has this robot been dealt?

Has the robot been playing its strong cards?

Is the robot playing the hand as well as it can now?

*Kibitzer = One who gives advice to one playing cards.

MX 74

Taking Life Seriously/Humorously Enough

Humans often perform at their best under pressure;

And by so doing, manage to always eventually restore

Relatively low-pressure conditions;

Which gradually lulls them

Into a low-effective state;

Which tends to create a new high-pressure situation.

This cycle can be gotten off of.

The secret is to always demand

Profound perfection of intent from oneself,

Thereby creating maximum pressure

To the limits of any situation.


Limiting Damage

Everything yu can look at is structured the way it is,

And acts the way it does, in order to give you clues;

Which, if meditated on, can reveal secrets of great value in Steering your Life.

For example, note the scorpion:

When in pain it tends to curl up…

Thus stinging itself to death.

This conveys the message:

When hurt, be careful that your reaction to it doesn't cause you even more damage.

Two typical curl-up reactions humans have to hurt

Are fear and anger.

These over-reactions bring about far more damage

Than the original hurt.

Here are three options humans have whenever negative emotion happens:

a) React out of troubledness-

i.e. react in a troubled way, so as to express,

but also unleash, the troublesomeness-

emphasis on


as top priority.

b) Act so as to fix the situation,

containing and limiting damage

as much as practical-

this often requires not expressing

the troubled feelings in an emotional/negative mode-

thus, emphasis on



as top priority.

c) Keep the negative emotion inside

and change the subject…

without coming back to remove the cause

of the troubling situation.

We have experimented with all three methods,

And have observed others use all three methods.

We find that:

Method Generally Leads To

a) Alternating periods of peaceful harmony

and stormy conflicts.

b) Happiness and higher consciousness.

c) Persistent negative emotion,

and probably ulcers, cancer, etc.

That is why we recommend taking the best action you can

On the variables you can control,

And minimizing time/energy lost on "bemoaning",

Since the latter only reduces your effectiveness

And makes Life harder on your self.



Film Director

When you catch your self

Or anyone else

In mistake:

As a film director

See how the scene might have been played



De-Energizing Punitive-Word Circuits

Which epithets would hurt you the most-

i.e. what do you shrink from being called?

Call yourself these names constantly

While analyzing why it means so much to you,

Until all possible emotions

Have been wrung out of them,

And they become simply words,

Of no special relation to you.


Disenfranchising A Senator

Many of the voices in your head

Which you regularly take to be YOU

Are actually speaking from the viewpoints

Of others you have known.

Thus, if you accept responsibility for,

And identify with, the whole inner dialog,

As almost everyone does,

You will be living out

An unreal, confused, hypnotized existence,

The autoslave of every remembered influencer.

Therefore, the road back to being your true self

Will often consist of rejecting inner statements

As not being you.

Senators are usually hurt

And energetically defend their existence and legitimacy

When you do this.

They are diabolically clever

In the range and persuasiveness of arguments

They can instantly bring to bear.

When this happens to the average person

In Western Culture,

Oriented as we are to the intellect

(Left-brain manipulative word/logic/sequence-stream),

The will collapses and changes subject,

Allowing the tyrannical senator

To remain in the senate without further objection

Or interrogation.

This is because in the West

We are conditioned to accept reason (intellect)

As supreme.

When a senator hits us with apparent reason,

We cave in.

In the East we are conditioned to accept the intuition


spontaneous cognition/perception/ expression.)

As supreme,

And therefore can smile

And rise above arguing with a senator

As we disenfranchise it.

This culturally-inbred advantage of the East

Can be enjoyed in the West,

Simply by knowing about it

And letting it gradually assimilate

Into one's experience.

To practice consciously:

Wordlessly reject a high proportion of inner statements.

One of these things will happen each time you do this:

A) Instant recognition among all of your self

That the rejection was appropriate.

A-a) Instant understanding of who

That senator was.

B) Division: Senator fights back,

Often has allies which arise

In its favor.

B-a) Division solved by intuitive rising-above

Pseudo-rational word conflict.

B-b) Division solved by reasonable dialog

Which resolves issue, or brings it ahead

And then turns it over to subconscious.

B-c) Division perpetuated by changing subject.

C ) Instant recognition among all of your self

That the rejection was inappropriate.

Set aside an hour to practice,

And watch as your concept of identity

Changes by the minute!


All senators wordlessly whisper-scream

"I'm you!!!!"

while they express themeselves in your mind.

This exerts an invisible persuasion.

Since the robot has the power

To slip in mental and physical auto-actions

In the 1/15th of a second it takes

"Willed actions" to be manifested,

Your inputs and its inputs

Will tend to be co-mingled

In the manifestation.

This makes separation of identity-

i.e. your essence guidance system from your CNS

(central nervous system) guidance system-


However, the methods given here

Are sufficient over time

To untie the Godian Knot.



Watch Your Robot Point-Keep In Company

Next time you're in a group,

Get in touch with the tremulous energy

In your chest and stomach

Which flutters up and down as people say and do things

Which seem to distantly-potentially reflect in some way

Upon you, your positions,

Or your relationships with them.

This is your robot keeping score

Of its own probable

Stock value at the moment-

Its own degree-of-advantage.

Realize how your intellect,

As if a slave to this hormonal energy

Is often galvanized into doing a lot of work

When the hormonal tyrant gets threatened.

See how this is a mutiny of lower intelligence

Taking over higher intelligence.

Resolve to become transparent to the demands

Of this hormonal guidance system

Feel it

But without compulsion

To act upon it,

Indifferent to the feelings of it.

De-clutch concern for robot welfare.

Feel this release as a cessation

Of special relationship to your own robot-

Let your consciousness be-

It will be that of the whole group and environs-

It will not be YOU watching it-

But US ALL HAPPENING - mindquietly.

It is the hidden/ever-present special concern

For the robot

Which keeps us in the illusion

Of being separate, limited,

And doomed mechano-matter animals.

It is the belief that we are mechano-matter animals

Which justifies our special concern to the intellect.

Only the daring can break out

Of this perpetual-inertial cycle.

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