This is the article annex for Come Together Community. The articles that you will find here have been collected over many years by the members of Come Together Community. We are a former msn group but have now moved to Yuku. You will find the link to this at the top of the sidebar.

To navigate this site I've listed the main categories on the sidebar. Click on a section and you will be taken to a new page with a new sidebar containing the articles in that section.

This site is still under construction so many of the links still go to blank pages. Please be patient while I attempt to transfer over what is a massive number of really great, informative and thought provoking articles.




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Cast of Characters - This section contains articles about spiritual characters, gods, goddesses, archetypes, religious leaders, heros, villians and martyrs.

Great Misc. Articles - We have an enormous collection of articles that we've gathered over the years. Some of these came to use through our members posting them on the message boards. Some were gathered in other ways. The do not fit in to specific categories so that is why they have found their way in to this section. This section is one of my favorites actually, there is some great reading here.

Mythologies - There will be many subcategories in this section. I've grouped them not by culture but by the type of myth it is. I have done this so it makes it easier for the curious to compare myths from different cultures and often to see the parallels and similarities.

Spiritual Paths - Again, there will be many subcategories in this section. If you click on one path you will see listen in the sidebar articles which pertain to this path. Not all spiritual paths are included here, only the ones that we have articles for. As we acquire more articles we can expand this section. It is already our largest section though and there are a lot of wonderful articles to read here.



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